Coral Image Info

Euro Corals don’t use filters for taking pictures as this may cause coral images to look different. We prefer a more natural-looking image. Our images are taken under white light between 12000 & 14000 Kelvin.

  • 100% WYSIWYG
  • No filter used!
  • Under hybrid light LEDs/T5s 12000K-14000K
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

We use colour calibration tools and specialised equipment to take and edit pictures as close as possible to the original coral colour. We believe that we are the only coral farm using this type of new technology and we try our very best to show you the right colours in our online shop using it. Euro Corals V2 (after the flood incident) no longer rely on the human eye to edit images of corals in order to reduce human errors. Special tools, hardware and software are used to edit our images to show the correct colour of the coral under 12000K-14000K. For the best experience, you need to have your screen properly calibrated! Keep in mind that if you place a coral under or above 12000K-14000K, the colour may look different.

This Feature comes to you after long research and hard work, a combination of specialised hardware, programming abilities and photography knowledge by the developers of Euro Corals. Don’t forget that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with Euro Corals and it’s our priority.