100% Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority, therefore we offer you our “5-Day Guarantee” 100% Risk-Free. No hassles, just provide us with a photo of the coral within 5-days. 

When you make a purchase from Euro Corals, you can buy with 100% confidence. No one cares more about the health of your new inhabitants.

We give you the following 100% Guarantee:

If your new coral addition does not stay alive for 5-days, we will issue you a store credit or replacement with the same coral.

Conditions to qualify for the 5-Day Guarantee:

  • Obviously! You must have a reef aquarium ready to maintain corals with proper parameters.
  • We firmly encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery or will void the guarantee.
  • 5-Day Guarantee begins on the initial delivery date.
  • Providing an incorrect delivery address or unreachable zones like islands that causes the shipment to be delayed or not delivered will void guarantee and the customer will be responsible for all costs and damages. Please ask us first, if you have doubts about your address and time delivery before placing order! 
  • Please do not discard the specimen without EC authorization; doing so will void the guarantee.
  • Please do not ship the coral(s) back without EC consent as this will void the guarantee.
  • 5-Day Guarantee only applies for corals (LPS, SPS & Soft Corals). Other livestock qualifies for our 24 hours arrives alive guarantee.
  • We will try first to replace with the same coral. If the coral is not available, then we will issue a store credit.
  • If UPS/Go Express fails to deliver, we take full responsibility and the “5 days guarantee” is applied for the lost corals and you get a “10 days guarantee” update for the alive corals. 
  • If you lose more than 50% of the corals during shipping or inside the 5 days guaranty, we add the shipping cost to the store credit. Shipping cost must be paid and not free to be included.
  • No refunds on livestock, only store credit!

*Livestock credit cannot be used for shipping rates. We do not cover shipping charges.
*Discounted corals get either replacements or credit for the amount paid, not items original price.
*Chargebacks without contacting us via email are illegal.
*Wholesalers and stores have only 24 hours guarantee.